Tender is the night when it rains. 

She keeps on walking thou the rain drops are at sync now with her steps. She smells the scent she’s gotten used to after living in the city for a while – the smell of fancy perfume scent of people getting out of work or club, mixed with garbage rotting in the street, ready for pickup the next day, or the day after; whenever is convenience for the garbage men, probably. 

She is watching people without covers over their heads running to look for one, and ones with umbrellas elegantly stepping through the rain – seem as if unbothered. 

She is walking. Then running a little bit. Then walking slower to catch a breath.

She is running out of breath – no, not from her sad attempt of running but from tears that feel as though it’s falling heavily inwards, towards her lungs, instead of to the black, classy eye makeup she did a few hours earlier. 

She wants so bad to just letting it out but that would mean defeat. Crying in public area in New York? “That’s a no, thank you.” She’s quietly whispering to her heart. 

Not even when the city is also watery. Not even when it will blend with the precipitation currently occurring. 
So she’s trying to busy her mind with anything but what just happened. 

The thing that happened which has caused the loud knocks of pain in her chest she is unwilling to let out. 

 She’s shouting a few texts to her friends she hasn’t talked for a bit. Asking a few things she has at the moment no interest of knowing but will at least minimize her heart’s scream for attention. The heart’s been a total attention-whore as of late: as of 2 hours ago. 

No replies yet. It’s a different time zone, she quickly realized. 

“What time is it where you are anyway?” 

Like a dam that has to hold too much water of what is intended, her eyes flooded. A stranger or two are stealing glances – perhaps noticing the puffy checks and the breathlessness she’s desperately trying to halt. 

She is picking up her pace again while soundlessly thanking God that today is raining but not for when she stumbled into what she thought to be her fate – the day when the sun pierced through her shirt and her heart. 


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