How long can you wait? 

There is a void within words that are said from a distant. Words that are honest but of different winds. A face that is love but can’t be reach.
We throw “I miss you” as easily as we wave hello to a stranger that when you want it to be meaningful, how would you do it?
Of course you can come over and bring flower and cake and everything in between – but when the road is thousands of miles away and time is a big constraint, how?

A phone call can’t convey the touch I’m so long to receive.

A voice as soft as yours, with the accent you attached to all words only you can, will only be as tender when it’s felt through my skins, when your pace of breathing is seen.
How long can you wait?

How long can I wait?
You said a few times, “forever”
But forever is a word that is too easily broken.

I’d rather you say a specific time – but you can’t and which I know.

There are hundreds of stupid things I want to tell you, like that time i screamed a little too loud in a cafe when a cat touched my feet or when I saw someone slipped off of a plastic bag, then fell into a pond.

It all sounds insignificant when we both finally have time to talk to each other. But all the little things are what made life… life.

“How are you” is your most favorite question that it almost sound like a formality I don’t feel like answering anymore.

There is no point of telling you that I just had the worst day of my life.

You will say your sympathy and I will say my thank you and we will move on with our own lives without it can’t ever be merged.

Your words and the pictures you sent me warm my heart, thou I also want not just my heart that is warm especially when it rains. Like today.

But letting you go is still so weirdly a challenge – one I don’t really want to take on but should.


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