Go to sleep, my dear

Go to sleep my dear, it’s almost midnight.

The sun will come up and you won’t feel rested.

He’ll wait for you down the ocean you both first held hands while the water of the ocean sipped in through your clothes and the wind swirled around, messing up your hair – so you thought.

You remember that the night was warm. “Is he asleep yet?” You thought as you try to picture his eyes not letting go of yours. He’s not coming back after all.

The night is getting darker but you’re remembering when his hands grabbing yours as the light was getting dimmer, instead.

You’re sure that he’ll be here again. You’re sure that the feeling remains deep in each hearts. Because, how could something that can be felt through the bone and warmed the cold of the ocean just left?

Maybe you should try harder to sleep so your heart would feel less tight as the dark of the dream is said to be a healer of a broken promise.


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