About this blog

Strolling around unfamiliar streets alone, accompanied by random songs playing through my earphone has become my favorite thing to do after I moved out from my hometown and live in a city so loud even at night.

There are days when I went for a walk and ended up sitting on a bench in one of the parks or beach nearby, while watching people, listening to the breeze, or on worries I have on my head. Worries about where the hell am I going with my life, worries about the world that seems to no longer able in housing everyone’s ego.

But more often, I just come to sit and savor the moments, imagining things, which would never play out in the world I live in, or thinking of people who used to play an important part of my life, but no longer around for various reasons.

Taking pictures of my surrounding is also something I love doing. Most of my pictures are candid as I feel that it is the only way to capture honest and sincere moments of someone or some things.

Some of what I will write might very well be one of my real stories, while some are just based on my odd imagination that came up in a dark of nights.

I’d be much delighted should you feel like sharing your thought with me after reading or seeing something from this blog.

My email is ifaputri@gmail.com